A stick was only what Atlas desired to lift the world out of orbit. Such is the power of man and machine combined: immense, eminent and intense.
At Al-Najah CO. We know the magic that this combination can create. And so we bring together the latest in technologies and the best in manpower to create it. Throug
h a 15 year history since its establishment in 1990, the organization has strived towards achieving total perfection in its every endeavor. .
We have also attained various awards in our journey through successes. But over and above these material awards what is most important is the satisfaction and delight we provide to our customers, an attribute that binds them to us and takes us closer to them. Headquartered in Aden in Yemen, an area with high population, this organization also serves as one of the main employment generators. Tapping the potential of human resource, this organization has made unfeasible a r
eality, and impossibilities a possibility.
It is you who are the reason of our expertise. It is our customers who are the reason of our being here in first place. We hope that through your constant support and faith in us we shall continue to render solutions that amaze you and delight you.

Mr. Awadh Taleb Goriabah

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