A summary about Al-Najah Company for ready mix.
We are in Al-Najah Company for ready mix. and According to a study we did for Aden and its neighbors and for the increasing order for the reinforced concrete and the other cements products for the investment projects, the housing cities and the buildings, the creation of Al-Najah Company for ready mix. has been completed in Aden at January 2006.

And its owned by Al-Shaikh Awadh Taleb Awadh Bin Goraiba and Bro. and its managed by Al-Shaikh Abdo Raboh Taleb Awadh Bin Goraiba.

The company is directed by fixed steps as an investment company that shares the built of the infrastructure of Aden by taking all the big projects.

All these successfulness by ALLAH then by the great equipments that the company has and tries to execute its projects with an international high quality

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