Company features:

The company has imported a reinforced concrete factory from Italy ((Fogy)) with a production power of 120 m2 / h supported with a high international features and works by computer, also it has imported a reinforced concrete pumps ((yost master)) with different lengths ((48RX, 43RX, 36RX)) and buying a reinforced concrete transporting cars ((avico)) with a capacity of 9 m2.
Also we have created a laboratory for testing the materials before delivering the products to the customers to insure the quality, this factory is controlled by a qualified team with a long experience in this field, and we are preparing to buy and installing desalination station to use a 100% pure water to produce a high quality products, also the company trying to save all its customers by supplying all the orders immediately.
The company characteristic by long experiences workpeople; local and foreign, and the company has along experiences in the field of making the reinforced concrete and all the cements products like bardora.

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